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This necklace looks like an antique piece but is simply a vintage one manufactured in a largely traditional way. The pendant is a container. The lid screws off in the opposite direction that is natural in the Americas and in Europe and a small scoop is attached to the lid. The lid has an enamelled blue lion standing on the top. The pendant has flowers on one side, and good wishes written on the other. Two lotus blossums hang as pendants. The central pendant has been added on more recently, perhaps one had been lost over the years. It is a Christian token and can easily be taken off and something else substiuted there – a blue bead might be a nice addition instead. The necklace chain is 20 inches long and has a hook closure on it.

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Insignia of the Golden Fleece Originally, from the time of Phillip the Bold, only the collar was worn on all occasions. When armor was worn the fleece was often engraved and sometime gilt upon the armor itself. This last was fairly common through the eigthteenth century, especialy since so many recipients were soldiers in service of the head of the order.

Beginning in the early sixteenth century under Charles V, and by his decree, the Fleece alone was usually worn on ordinary occasions, suspended by a thin red ribbon, but sometimes from a black one.

Lea Stein Jewelry (Schiffer Book for Collectors) [Judith Just] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In the world of costume jewelry, the name Lea Stein Paris(R) is recognized as the most notable and innovative designer of plastic jewelry of the 20th century. Her use of sculptured laminated celluloid in many novel combinations of textures.

Tortoise brooches found beneath the Hekla eruption. Please note, this is a VERY image-heavy post. These sites were thus preserved essentially as they lay, providing insight into daily life in Iceland. This display area was much darker than other exhibit areas, which made taking good photos even more challenging. The site that was covered was about 20 km from the volcano, and the pumice was up to 20cm thick — covering between farms in the area.

The display indicated that graves dating back to the pagan times have been found all over Iceland. Many times these graves included grave goods — such as fine clothing, jewelry, weapons, tools, a dog, or a horse. In less frequent cases people were buried in small boats. They have large nubs sticking out from the surface with holes through them like the others — though they seem to be a bit more flat, and have nubs at if the brooch was a clock-face 12, 3, 6, 9 — like the Hekla eruption brooches and in the center , but also at intervals between.

There are marks however on the Hekla brooches where those other numbs might have broken off. This display was also accompanied by a book with an illustration of two women, a man, and a male child. The man was wearing loose pants, shoes with pointed toes, a buckled belt with a purse and sword hanging from it , a long tunic with a slit neckline, a knee-length cloak held together around the neck at the shoulder with a pin, and a hat trimmed with fur.

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Or you found some nice vintage jewelry at a yard or garage sale or at the thrift shop. Whether you plan to keep the jewelry as a family heirloom or would like to resell it, a knowledge of vintage jewelry marks will help you to identify and date it properly. Marks commonly used in vintage silver jewelry Purity marks for older silver pieces can differ from those commonly seen today. Various gold purity marks commonly found on vintage and antique jewelry A hallmark can also include other marks, such as: Patent numbers are especially helpful when dating older vintage jewelry, and will be covered in a separate article in this series.

PAUL SAYS: PAUL SAYS: Hello,I’m new to metal detecting and attached are two pics of a recent find. This was found in a pasture which was the site of a home in prior to and up to at least

American Modernist Jewelry, – Click images below to enlarge. All prices include priority shipping within the U. Melissa Finelli says, “There is something so satisfying about moving metal. Through fabrication and forging, I am able to manipulate my materials to create form and space, capturing movement in solid form” Mellissa Fenelli studied technical jewelry making at North Bennett Street School in Boston’s North End.

After making jewelry for some time, she went on to study at the School of the museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Her work is in many prestigious galleries and she does major shows throughout the United States. William Spratling and Mexico’s Silver Renaissance. She was awarded a stipend to study silversmithing techniques at the Los Castillo studios in Taxco and her work shows the same dedication to technique and design that you will find in pieces created by the Los Castillo taller throughout the 20th and into the 21st century.

She also adheres to a finer silver content, such as , that is sometimes used by Mexican master silversmiths. It was difficult to portray the beauty of this bangle in a photograph. Their surface is subtlety faceted and the silver has a lovely, silky look. She uses that love in her designs today. After college she moved to the small coastal town of Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi; where she now lives with her husband and daughter.

Indian Jewellery

Coral Agate These cheaper stones were used singly and in strings. Goldwork was also popular, enamelled with colored glass or featuring cameos. Colored glass beads were also fashioned into jewelry for outside use, reducing the risk of loss or theft. They were also used as rosary beads. Other beads were made of mother of pearl, metal, bone and even wood.

Jewellery (British English) or jewelry (American English) consists of small decorative items worn for personal adornment, such as brooches, rings, necklaces, earrings, pendants, bracelets, and ery may be attached to the body or the clothes. From a western perspective, the term is restricted to durable ornaments, excluding flowers for example.

The process involved a dark background that was exposed and the light captured the details of people, places, animals and more. For a full description of the photographic process, please check the links at the end of this article. I am not a photographer, and do not want to botch up the history trying to summarize it. Repeating lens via http: Daguerrotypes were unfortunately not cheap, and the earliest daguerreotypes required up to 10 minutes exposure.

From when the daguerrotype was introduced, to when the tintype was introduced, daguerrotypes were made by artists in bright, sunlit studios, and were considered treasures. The image was exposed directly onto a glass plate, with a dark background behind that. They came in special cases to protect the glass from breaking or otherwise becoming scratched or damaged. Surviving daguerrotypes are often faded and difficult to see, but still lovely in their composition and artistic arrangements.

Then along came the tintype. Being as sheets of iron were used, these types of pictures were originally called ferrotypes. The lacquer was an important part of the processing and it secured the image onto the iron.

Viking Tortoise Brooches

Though they long pre-date the Victorian era, for Victorians who loved travel, a cameo might represent a meaningful souvenir of a Grand European Tour. The Victorian fascination with all things historic is demonstrated in the classical Greek profiles and mythological motifs. Reflecting the Victorians love of gardening and nature, floral cameos were also popular. Carved in seashell, ivory, lava or stone, cameos could be set in precious or non-precious metals. Although thought of as primarily an Italian art, there were also cameo carvers in America and other countries.

Dating to this fabulous rhodium-plated set consists of a pin and matching earrings. The beauty of this set is that the pin’s “wings” move and can be placed in different positions.

See Article History Brooch, ornamental pin , usually with a clasp to attach it to a garment. Brooches developed from the Roman clasp, or fibula , similar to a safety pin, in regions that had been part of the Roman Empire. In the severe climate of northern Europe, the brooch became the characteristic ornament because it routinely functioned as a fastening for a heavy cloak or tunic. Brooches have been made in many different shapes.

A long brooch that resembled the fibula was made throughout Europe from the Black Sea to Britain, differing in ornamentation and design in each region. The brooch characteristic of the Franks was a rosette, or circular brooch, generally decorated with filigree. At first the Scandinavians developed brooches based on the fibula, but after about their brooches became more individualized.

With the introduction of Christianity came forms such as pendant crosses, in which Carolingian and Byzantine influence is evident.

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The list consists of designers and maker’s marks that have been difficult to find in reference materials so far. When information is found it will appear with credit given to the person who provided it. Thank you, in advance, for your assistance. US silver companies such as Gorham and Tiffany often used both marks in the late ‘s.

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Big JJ Openwork Lady with Rhinestone Eye Here’s an unusual JJ piece in polished gold plating; a woman with short hair and swept bangs, a black glass dickey or necklace, earrings, and a sparkling rhinestone eye. Dress up a coat or blazer or let her sit on your purse and she’s ready to go! Signed in back c JJ. The cast pewter is highly detailed, and pictures don’t swho how bright are the hot pink, blue and purple are the stones are on his hat, which is also centered with a larger Aurora Borealis AB cab..

And his glass crystal ball is bright and shining. From the mid s, JJ produced a series of wizard brooches, and this is a favorite. Costume jewels of celluloid and other plastic roses remain popular among those who love vintage jewelry. Most that we find are unsigned beauties. This is a high quality set probably made in the s s era. The leaves are enameled apple green, the deeply molded coral roses are serrated along the petal edges for a lively look.

Ciner Jewelry Marks

The couple decided to go against the grain with a pre-ceremony cocktail hour and jazz band to get the vibes going and it was so well received, they even extended it an extra half-hour! While visiting New York City for my birthday, I decided to book a few appointments to try on dresses with my mom, my future mother-in-law, and a few friends.

I found the gown at the second place we went to, called Wedding Atelier. The gown was designed by Christos Yiannakou, who actually happened to be there!

Brooch, ornamental pin, usually with a clasp to attach it to a es developed from the Roman clasp, or fibula, similar to a safety pin, in regions that had been part of the Roman the severe climate of northern Europe, the brooch became the characteristic ornament because it routinely functioned as a fastening for a heavy cloak or tunic.

The banquet celebrated Rome and featured at least one doll centerpiece at each table, donated by noted doll artists in the Barbie community. This film, introduced by Joe Blitman, was shown at the banquet and spotlights each customized Barbie doll and the name of the doll artist who created it. Her second outfit includes a pink and blue floral sun dress. A white clutch is a vintage-inspired accent piece.

The National Barbie Doll Collectors Convention Souvenir Doll wears an off-white taffeta gown that features an empire waist worn over a blush satin underskirt with a silvery lace overlay. The elegant accessories include faux pearl drop earrings and a rhinestone brooch. Influenced by the Grand Tour Convention theme and European architectural concepts of columns, the doll represents a classic look that will truly withstand the test of time.

Everything you see is included. Doll is wearing white shoes and a large hat. There is also a red dress that is on display.

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